This is Vanilla Edge!

Providing the most authentic online Minecraft experience since 7th Feb 2020 (Remember this for our anniversary).

We're an  actual  vanilla survival server where we preserve the way Mojang intended the game to be played. That means no gameplay-changing/P2W plugins. 

That's right, on this server you won't find ANY weird spawn-protected lobby, lazy teleport commands, or stupid land claims. Just vanilla generation, and barely  any  rules. It's that simple!

Tons more people want the great same thing. So many players, in fact, that running the server became tricky due to hardware limitations. 

How Player Donations Help:

Every donation made will help pay & keep the server running on butterly smooth hardware, if we receive enough donations, we can upgrade the server's hardware even further, host special events, and provide new features (that don't interfere with vanilla gameplay) to play with! You can help us reach those goals by simply telling your friends about the server as well!

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Thanks you recent doners!

1x Boost to the server

1x Boost to the server

1x Boost to the server

1x Boost the server

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